About First November Group

The First November Group was formed in November 2021 as a platform to represent the legal cannabis industry in the UK.

At this early stage of the development of the British consumer and medicinal cannabis sectors regulation and public policy has a profound impact on businesses operations.

The First November Group is the first industry platform to specifically provide political and parliamentary advocacy on behalf of the sector in all its forms.

Our commitment is to ensure that social responsibility combined with smart regulation are the key drivers of industry growth.

What we do


Host quarterly dinners with Ministers, senior parliamentarians, advisors and policy makers


Provide the secretariat services for the first industry wide All Party Parliamentary Group for the UK Legal Cannabis Industry


Provide 24/7 political and parliamentary engagement and advocacy on behalf of our members 


Collaborate, where appropriate, with the Centre for Medicinal Cannabis and Association for the Cannabinoid Industry on the development of research, policy advocacy, media engagement and campaigns

The Hodges Review

The Hodges Review is a new, wide ranging commission to assess regulation and public policy relating to the UK’s legal cannabis industry.

The review will be led by Professor Christopher Hodges, Emeritus Professor of Justice Systems, Centre for Socio-Legal Studies, University of Oxford, will chair the Commission which will report in May 2022.

The final report will provide a detailed blueprint for how the UK government and its regulation agencies can accelerate the path to becoming the global leader in cannabinoid research and innovation.

Hodges Review website


Membership of the First November Group is open to

  1. Legal cannabis companies that are current subscribed members of the Centre for Medicinal Cannabis (CMC) and /or the Association for the Cannabinoid Industry (ACI)  
  2. Law firms, investors and financial institutions with an interest in legal cannabis sectors 
  3. Providers of ancillary services to legal cannabis businesses in the UK

Contact us

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